Acrylic Paints have been available since the 1950′s.  Maxwell has been working with them for decades. Acrylic paints are a favorite form of paint for many artists because of their ability to dry quickly. This results in beautiful pieces of art in a relatively short period of time.


Woodcuts have been used since the 6th Century, and are created by using an artistic technique in which an image is carved into the surface of a block of wood. Then a print it made from the relief of black and white or color.


Maxwell creates stunning sculptures from plywood, in a simple process of laminating, grinding, and sanding that upon completion looks anything but. His Plywood Sculptures have been featured in many exhibitions.

About Maxwell

“As one of the first Bahamian Artists, Maxwell is perhaps our most advanced. He is a stubbornly individualist artist that has followed his own vision, disregarding the commercial aspect of art that could have made his life so comfortable”. These are the words that the late Brent Malone, a close friend and fellow artist, used in the introducing Max Taylor at the opening of a one man exhibition at Brent’s Matinee Gallery, on the 12th December, 1978.

Twenty six years later, after a lifetime of constant search and struggle, Maxwell Taylor has established an international reputation of excellence, and has earned a celebrated place in a society that had no place for artists when he was born. Born in Grant’s Town, New Providence, Bahamas, Max Taylor, along with Brent Malone and Kendall Hanna, was one of the first apprentices of the fabled Chelsea Pottery in Nassau. When the pottery closed in 1966, Max found his way to New York. the visit was to last approximately twenty years before he moved south to the Carolinas, and traveled extensively in Europe observing the social, economic, and political dynamics of many cultures. This exposure opened doors to the unique and intensely sensitive perception of the world of Max Taylor.

P.O. Box GT 2796
Nassau, Bahamas

5625 Berry Blossom Way
West Palm Beach FL  33415

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Maxwell Taylor’s work has often been a feature of various exhibitions, and has been written up in the news media. One such article was featured in the

Savannah Tribune.
Master Artist of the Bahama’s Event



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